Three Sisters with Orca Beans

A few days ago I discovered some very beautiful beans at our local coop - Orca Beans. They are black and white like Orcas and shine like little jumping fish when rinsed 🙂 Very cute, and full of imagination starters for kids! Enter another discovery from the grocery store - orangetti squash - and we… Continue reading Three Sisters with Orca Beans

New Zealand Blue with Shredded Daikon and Peas

During our last visit to Slow Farms in the fall Ilian picked out a few pumpkins, and the exciting New Zealand Blue was one of them. Farmer Peter told us how he asked an Australian customer how he'd call this pumpkin, and the answer was: "In Australia, it's a pumpkin." It's a lot less common here… Continue reading New Zealand Blue with Shredded Daikon and Peas

Three Sisters Variation with Creamed Cauliflower

I liked how my previous foray into three sisters cooking turned out, so I thought to experiment with the ingredients a bit: amaranth instead of corn, peas instead of beans, keep the squash and add cauliflower. Amaranth is a traditional mesoamerican grain that is full of protein, fiber, and minerals, and it's naturally gluten-free. I… Continue reading Three Sisters Variation with Creamed Cauliflower