Leftover Soup

So you haven't been able to go shopping for some days because of snow, cold, appointments etc.? That was me over the weekend. Thankfully, a few items remained in my fridge, mostly leftovers from other meals - i.e. veggies that were just a few stops away from their journey to the bin. I don't like… Continue reading Leftover Soup

Arugula Vichyssoise

We have been very lucky with the fall and early winter season here in southern Michigan, with many sunny and warm days, but the cold and grey ones are creeping in. Once it's cold enough for snow we'll be out and about greeting the snowflakes and testing new winter gear to lift the spirits. Until… Continue reading Arugula Vichyssoise

Halloween Hokkaido Soup

Halloween is almost here! Just two more blog posts until little trick-or-treaters will come knocking, and I have two sweet squash recipes for you 🙂 The first is a fall soup with orange Hokkaido squash and carrots accentuated with apple cider. The ingredients are naturally sweet and need little in terms of enhancing spices, and… Continue reading Halloween Hokkaido Soup

Sweet Potato Soup

More sweet fall cooking! It's still pretty warm here in Michigan, so here's a soup that we enjoy warm or cold. Ilian loves helping with this one - scrubbing the potatoes, poking them with a fork, laying them out on a cookie sheet, plus feeling the different textures of our spices is a fun way… Continue reading Sweet Potato Soup