Pina Colada Quinoa

Ilian passed his coconut food challenge!!! Yay!!! We have been waiting for a long time for him to start outgrowing food allergies, and although it looks like some are here to stay for a few more years, coconut is now on the menu! I love everything about it - the perfumed taste, summery smell, crunchy-creamy… Continue reading Pina Colada Quinoa

Vegan GF Scalloped Potatoes

Thinking back to some of my go-to dishes "from before", scalloped potatoes brought back yummy memories. I associate it with comfortable evenings, having leftovers for tomorrow, and a quick prep. But of course the cheesy sauce packs a lot of fat, garlic tends to be difficult for young stomach linings, and there is little in… Continue reading Vegan GF Scalloped Potatoes

Sunshine Rice with Snow Peas and Mushrooms

Spring is in the air around southern Michigan: the geese are back from the south, snowdrops are blooming, and all the trees are covered in buds ready to open with warmer temperatures. And the sunshine is amazing! Warm, bright, and happy 🙂 So here's a dish to go with the time of year. Sun-infused rice,… Continue reading Sunshine Rice with Snow Peas and Mushrooms

Three Sisters with Orca Beans

A few days ago I discovered some very beautiful beans at our local coop - Orca Beans. They are black and white like Orcas and shine like little jumping fish when rinsed 🙂 Very cute, and full of imagination starters for kids! Enter another discovery from the grocery store - orangetti squash - and we… Continue reading Three Sisters with Orca Beans

Baby Zucchinis with Corn on the Cob on Butternut Squash

We have had enough snow for this winter over here! We were snowshoveling several times a day for the past few days and got hopelessly stuck with our car just feet from the driveway - yay for amazing neighbors who came running to help dig us out and push our not-4WD for half an hour… Continue reading Baby Zucchinis with Corn on the Cob on Butternut Squash

Little Lentil Delights

As the last days of growing food on the porch are arriving, we harvested a bunch of young chard leaves just minutes before adding them to the pan for this delicious dish. With just a few ingredients and minimal work that is thoroughly toddler-friendly, we arrived at dinner, next-day lunch for preschool, and family fun.… Continue reading Little Lentil Delights