Concentric Okra Risotto

Okra used to be one of my least favorite vegetables. I find it has a brash, metallic taste, and the decidedly slimy texture, which neither cooking or frying will eliminate, is also not generally endearing. But when prepared with just the right combination of spices and other foods, I love it! To counter the in-your-face… Continue reading Concentric Okra Risotto

Bean Chili with Okra-Mushroom Topping

The past few days have been warm enough for our beautiful sledding snow to melt away, but more is on the way, together with a cold spell. Which is the perfect opportunity to start cooking up things that are thoroughly warming and nutritious so that everyone has plenty of energy for winter fun 🙂 Chili… Continue reading Bean Chili with Okra-Mushroom Topping