Soy-free Vegan Mayo

Today's post is a bit technical - my apologies! Vegan mayonnaise that is also top-8-allergen-free is not easy to find in most grocery stores, but is super-easy to make at home - thanks to aquafaba 🙂 Enjoy your vegan BLTs or some ZLTs with it, dip your oven potatoes in it, or surprise a non-vegan friend with egg-free, soy-free,… Continue reading Soy-free Vegan Mayo

Sunshine Rice with Snow Peas and Mushrooms

Spring is in the air around southern Michigan: the geese are back from the south, snowdrops are blooming, and all the trees are covered in buds ready to open with warmer temperatures. And the sunshine is amazing! Warm, bright, and happy 🙂 So here's a dish to go with the time of year. Sun-infused rice,… Continue reading Sunshine Rice with Snow Peas and Mushrooms

Sweet Sunday: Allergen-Free Chocolate Lime Ice Cream

One thing you give up pretty quickly with multiple food allergies is ice cream. You can find dairy free and egg free versions, but we invariably see soy, coconut, almonds or something else on the label that makes the treat unsuitable for our house. Luckily, pretty early on in our allergy-"career" another mom let me… Continue reading Sweet Sunday: Allergen-Free Chocolate Lime Ice Cream

Three Sisters with Orca Beans

A few days ago I discovered some very beautiful beans at our local coop - Orca Beans. They are black and white like Orcas and shine like little jumping fish when rinsed 🙂 Very cute, and full of imagination starters for kids! Enter another discovery from the grocery store - orangetti squash - and we… Continue reading Three Sisters with Orca Beans

Stuffed Winter Polenta

Good morning from SE Michigan's winter wonderland! Snow is covering everything with a white layer this morning and our trip to preschool was awesome 🙂 Yesterday afternoon we were holed up with just short forays outside to snowshovel, and we used the time to cook up some wintry deliciousness. Robust red kale, mellow chickpeas, and… Continue reading Stuffed Winter Polenta

Leftover Soup

So you haven't been able to go shopping for some days because of snow, cold, appointments etc.? That was me over the weekend. Thankfully, a few items remained in my fridge, mostly leftovers from other meals - i.e. veggies that were just a few stops away from their journey to the bin. I don't like… Continue reading Leftover Soup

Oven Asparagus and Red Beets

Here's a quick and easy side dish for fancy meals: green and red, crunchy and soft, tart and sweet, and never enough for leftovers 😉 Ilian was courageous enough to try the asparagus again, but his palate is not quite ready yet. He really liked snapping the woody ends off the green stems though and… Continue reading Oven Asparagus and Red Beets