Halloween Candy Squash

A huge thanks to Slow Farms and the Ark of Taste for the main ingredient of this dish - the North Carolina Candy Roaster Squash! One taste and it was among my top favorite squashes. In comparison with the more common butternut it is sweeter, retains moisture better when roasted, and it's easier to peel… Continue reading Halloween Candy Squash

Halloween Hokkaido Soup

Halloween is almost here! Just two more blog posts until little trick-or-treaters will come knocking, and I have two sweet squash recipes for you 🙂 The first is a fall soup with orange Hokkaido squash and carrots accentuated with apple cider. The ingredients are naturally sweet and need little in terms of enhancing spices, and… Continue reading Halloween Hokkaido Soup

Butternut Squash Halloween Pasta

Orange and black is back! I've been thinking about more Halloween dishes, and fall's squashes with summer's tomatoes combine to a wonderfully vibrant orange in this pasta sauce. Black bean rotini make for a nicely spooky contrast and add protein (meat-eaters can easily top this dish with some chicken, too!). Ilian helped a lot on… Continue reading Butternut Squash Halloween Pasta

Halloween Rice with Beans

Halloween is a month away - time to prepare ;)! It's still a long way off, but I'm starting to gather ideas for meals inspired by the spooky season. Colors play a big role, so what is better than combining some black beans, orange carrots, and green rice? Green rice? Yes! It drew my eye… Continue reading Halloween Rice with Beans