Snowcap Bean Chili with Corn Wheels

Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope everyone's week off was as great as ours: Friends visited, bouncy houses were visited, and Ilian hunted for Easter eggs three times! We also got to see geese, a crane, and all the various songbirds flying overhead as spring has truly arrived in our parts 🙂 To say… Continue reading Snowcap Bean Chili with Corn Wheels

Portabella Caps with Braised Spinach and Tomatillo Corn

Here's a short post for a post-holiday weekend: Portabella Cap Burgers without dairy-cheese are somewhat boring, so adding tasty greens, yellows, and reds lifts both our spirits and nutrition intake. I like how the tastes of earthy mushroom and sweet corn get a fashionable makeover by metallic spinach and tangy tomatillo along with some chipotle… Continue reading Portabella Caps with Braised Spinach and Tomatillo Corn