Shredded Butternut Squash Three Sisters

We had a family-cooking session on Sunday, and it was so much fun! Ilian was excited to scoop squash seeds with daddy, all manly-ly over the trashcan 😉 And mommy wondered where all the work went 🙂 This is a cute little variation on the Three Sisters cooking I've done previously, so it's a naturally… Continue reading Shredded Butternut Squash Three Sisters

Braised Kale with Chickpeas

As you may have noticed from a few Sweet Sunday posts, I have been creating delicious treats with aquafaba a lot lately. I'm still experimenting with ideas! And that means a lot of chickpeas. And besides hummus and adding them to salads I haven't done much with them so far. Today, I'd like to share… Continue reading Braised Kale with Chickpeas