Rice Cake ZLT

We were in a bit of a rush last night for dinner as the outdoors were too lovely to cut biking with the neighbors short. So I quickly assembled a vegan, gluten-free variation of the classic BLT sandwich - replace the bread with rice cakes and the bacon with grilled zucchini, and put our leftover… Continue reading Rice Cake ZLT

Sweet Sunday: Mint-Chocolate Meringues

Do you share my love for mint? Especially in combination with chocolate? Then today's Sunday post will be extra-sweet for you 🙂 I've been experimenting with infused aquafaba for a bit, and mint is my newest try. It gives the meringues the distinctly fresh puff of air through your mouth and nose that you get… Continue reading Sweet Sunday: Mint-Chocolate Meringues

Black Japonica Rice and Cannellini Salad

Stepping outside yesterday morning was a balmy surprise. The giant icicles next to the door had shrunk to tiny teeth and the humid air almost smelled of spring 🙂 We have a bit longer to go before little greens will sprout in the garden, but why not preview warmer times with a grain salad? So,… Continue reading Black Japonica Rice and Cannellini Salad

Sweet Sunday: Aquafaba Chocolate Orange Mousse

Happy New Year's Eve Everyone! I wish you all a great start into 2018 and would like to send you off with a wonderful treat - chocolate mousse the vegan way. This is another infused aquafaba creation, this time with orange. I always loooved chocolate mousse, but as egg whites are not an allergy-friendly option,… Continue reading Sweet Sunday: Aquafaba Chocolate Orange Mousse

Sweet Sunday: Lavender-Lemon Meringues

Just one more week until 2018, and that means two more Sweet Sundays to round off the holiday season on Allerlicious! This summer, Ilian helped me select two little lavender plants at the garden center. We planted them in a pot that dwarfed them on the porch, but by the end of fall they had… Continue reading Sweet Sunday: Lavender-Lemon Meringues

Sweet Sunday: Aquafaba Cinnamon Stars

One of my favorite holiday season cookies is the cinnamon star - pillowy light deliciousness with a gently cracking glaze that infuses your senses with cinnamon. Now, the major ingredients in the traditional version are meringue from egg whites and almond meal, both of which we can't use in our home. So here's my take… Continue reading Sweet Sunday: Aquafaba Cinnamon Stars

Sweet Sunday: Aquafaba Meringues

Good morning all! We've had the first real snow yesterday and were enjoying the sparkling whiteness first from the window and then outside. Ilian helped with snow shoveling - he's coordinated and strong enough this year to really make a dent in the driveway cleaning work! All the white loveliness made me think of preparing… Continue reading Sweet Sunday: Aquafaba Meringues