Radicchio Shells filled with Forbidden Rice and Zucchini Spirals

Cooking with warm, bright sunlight shining into the kitchen was a treat yesterday! There's just no way to get the colors of food shining the same way with artificial light (unless you're in a professional studio, I'd imagine). Ilian and I enjoyed over two hours outside in the afternoon, and discovered a sprouting maple seed… Continue reading Radicchio Shells filled with Forbidden Rice and Zucchini Spirals

Roasted Eggplant between Lo Bok and Spaghetti Squash

With a recent warm spell, all the snow and ice is on its way into the ground and we were happily jumping puddles yesterday. Ilian even asked for an extra walk through the neighborhood on the way to preschool to find more puddles. Which we did, while watching school buses, a busy excavator at a… Continue reading Roasted Eggplant between Lo Bok and Spaghetti Squash

Leftover Soup

So you haven't been able to go shopping for some days because of snow, cold, appointments etc.? That was me over the weekend. Thankfully, a few items remained in my fridge, mostly leftovers from other meals - i.e. veggies that were just a few stops away from their journey to the bin. I don't like… Continue reading Leftover Soup

Oven Asparagus and Red Beets

Here's a quick and easy side dish for fancy meals: green and red, crunchy and soft, tart and sweet, and never enough for leftovers 😉 Ilian was courageous enough to try the asparagus again, but his palate is not quite ready yet. He really liked snapping the woody ends off the green stems though and… Continue reading Oven Asparagus and Red Beets

Baby Zucchinis with Corn on the Cob on Butternut Squash

We have had enough snow for this winter over here! We were snowshoveling several times a day for the past few days and got hopelessly stuck with our car just feet from the driveway - yay for amazing neighbors who came running to help dig us out and push our not-4WD for half an hour… Continue reading Baby Zucchinis with Corn on the Cob on Butternut Squash

New Zealand Blue with Shredded Daikon and Peas

During our last visit to Slow Farms in the fall Ilian picked out a few pumpkins, and the exciting New Zealand Blue was one of them. Farmer Peter told us how he asked an Australian customer how he'd call this pumpkin, and the answer was: "In Australia, it's a pumpkin." It's a lot less common here… Continue reading New Zealand Blue with Shredded Daikon and Peas

Onion Poultice for Ear Infections

As we've been out sick last week, I was thinking about what to share that really made us feel better. And instead of a food item I decided to blog about a very helpful onion poultice. Both Ilian and Daddy had ear infections, and while they did both see a doctor about it, our good… Continue reading Onion Poultice for Ear Infections