Sunflower Planting for Kids

Thanks to all who liked my Bean Planting for Littles post! It was great to hear you’re trying it at home too 🙂

So here’s another easy-peasy planting idea, and this one goes back to my childhood: growing sunflowers from birdseed.
Most loose birdfood (i.e. not the blocks of suet) has sunflower seeds in it which will grow into the big ones! The yield may not be as good as from expensive seed packets (I find that only about 50% of the birdseed sunflowers germinate), but if you have leftovers from feeding your local avian population through the winter, give it a try!

Ilian loved every step of the way: sorting through the seed, preparing the little pots – a yay for mud play! – and watching the green shoots shoot up visibly higher every day.

After about three to four days, the shoots are two inches high; after a week from planting, it’s time for some support. (And look at last week’s snowcap bean plant growing up!)

I’m sure any kid will love this activity, and with kid-level TLC these plants will accompany you through the whole summer.

Get outside and enjoy some everyone-can-do-it gardening!


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