Bean Planting for Littles

Hi Foodie-Families!

Today’s post is something different from usual: Not a recipe for a dish, but a recipe for how to get an ingredient to one šŸ˜‰

Michigan’s climate in general and especially the weather this year don’t favor delicate plants outside before mid- to late May. So all of us who like to garden usually can’t resist starting a few things inside. Ilian just loves beans, and selected a simple green bean seed packet at the hardware store last week.
Now we have green beans, purple beans, orca, snowcap, and turkey craw beans to plant šŸ™‚

A super-simple how-to is this:

All you need is a few small, empty glass containers, like you might have from yogurts; paper towels; and of course your seeds. And a little helper!


Start by folding the paper towels in half lengthwise and placing them inside the containers, snugly up against the glass.
Pour a tablespoon or two into each container and insert the beans between soaked paper towel and glass. Two or three beans per container work well.

Place your bean growing kits in a sunny, warm spot. Add enough water every day to keep the paper towels moist.

After a few days to a week you will see the first roots and green buds appear. We had the best success with our snowcap bean, which grew from the first signs of green to a three inch plant within a day!
For spectacularness, choose large beans. The larger the bean, the bigger your plant will be in the beginning.

The bean plants thrive surprisingly long in the paper towel containers, so even though it took me two days to get my act together to transfer the snowcap plant to real soil (and its roots had grown into and through the paper towel by then), it is up and running.

When the time has come for your plants to find a new home, a simple plastic pot with garden soil will do just fine. We wrap them in aluminum foil to not have any wet dirt leak onto the windowsill.


Ilian is fascinated by his plant, and is always happy to hold it, watch it, and touch it. We have the “only one finger on the plant” rule to give him the chance to touch without crushing anything.

Soon, we will go out and find some straight sticks to support the bean plant. It won’t be long before the gripping tendrils appear!

Happy growing!

: Usborne Books’ “How Things Grow” gave us the idea, and it worked fabulously! Thanks!


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